Saturday, October 24, 2009

Luxury Clip On Earrings! Chandelier, Dangling, Glitzy Clip Earrings for the Holidays!

Get holiday ready and don't forget to accessorize!

Fabulous luxury clip on earrings, I like to call them! And I love to cruise through the Chandelier and Crystal categories over at The Clip On Earring Store to find something unique. This store offers some top notch quality clip on earrings in chandelier and glitzy styles that say you splurged but maybe it's one splurge for the year that makes you feel good and stand out.
I shop for that extra something special every once in a while and when I see it, I don't hesitate. I have featured Item CC-325 from because I love this look. It sits right on my ear and looks like a million bucks! I think everyone should get to look glamorous and I don't think you need a fortune to do so. The prices and choices can't be beat topped with the quality at!
My best advice- Look for a piece you know you will want to wear over and over again!
Some extra advice- Right now, if your looking for a luxury look- clear and black crystal are in! Pearls are also a favorite! People are looking for classic and I think classic wins over trend when dressing up. Try a beautiful holiday color like red or green or gold to make your look special!
Hope you enjoy my pick at! If you're searching for luxury clip on earrings check out their glitzy looks! You just might find a new accessory to compliment your best accessory- a Smile!