Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Non Pierced Hoop Clip On Earrings- Snap On Hoops NEW!

NEW to The Clip On Earring Store these fabulous gold plated snap on hoops in a popular (midsize between small and medium 15mm) with a white Swarovski Pearl dangling! This is item HC-594 and is NEW to The Clip On Earring Store!
These great little beauties just allow you to pull the hinge back and put it right on your ear for the look of pierced but for us clip on earring gals!
Now, prepare to be dazzled! They offer this same style with a clear crystal! Either pair also comes in a silver plated look! Day to night, you can't go wrong! You'll never lose the dangle, it's attached right to the hoop. Plus, you're getting quality gold and silver plating for long time wear!
Visit to find these beautiful non pierced hoop clip earrings that can be easily worn. They have a great selection of slip on hoops and snap on hoops in the Hoop Category for you to browse. These are great building blocks to any clip on earring wardrobe.
Not only do I adore these classic hoops, but they have plenty of trendy clipon hoops for you to browse as well!
Happy Clip On Earring Days!
The Clip On Earring Store Stylist

Get Glitzy with Earthy Gem Clip On Earrings!

What could be better than a fantastic pair of clip on earrings? How about a pair with real gems!
At The Clip On Earring Store, they've got a pretty wide variety of semi-precious gemstone clip on earrings to choose from.
I fell in love with the Amazonite pair pictured- these would like awesome on any ears! Sparkle in pastel Swarovski crystals plus earthy beautiful blue Amazonite in a faceted cone shape and small rounds at the bottom make this piece hard to top!
If you're looking to add to your clip on earring wardrobe, I suggest investing in gemstone clip on earrings, not only are you getting high quality for your money, you are getting some really pretty looks that will take you through different seasons. offers such unique gemstone clip on earrings as: jasper, blackstone, turquoise, garnet, citrine, agate, labradorite, tiger's eye, rhyolite, pearls, amethyst, malachite, tiger iron, amber, moonstone, quartz, carnelian, ocean jasper, russian green amazonite, goldstone and so much more! Check it out!
Have a beautiful day!
The Clip On Earring Store Stylist

Friday, June 18, 2010

Button Style Clip On Earrings- Cat's Eye Cabochon

NEW to The Clip On Earring Store!
Don't want a dangle clip on earring? Need some color in your look? Want something comfy and cool? Check out the new line of Cat's Eye Cabochon Clip On Earrings (Button Style Clip On Earrings) in the Cabochon Collection at The Clip On Earring Store!
I picked Item CB-291 the turquoise color, that's my favorite. Cat's Eye is a really cool look- it's a fiber optic glass with that perfect line down the center for a mesmerizing look. offers the Cat's Eye Cabochon clip on earrings currently in pink, turquoise, brown, purple and green. But they offer tons of semi-precious gems, pearls and shell in their Cabochon category. So if you've got non pierced ears and you're looking for a simple clip on earring style- try these perfect summer colors!
Positive Living Always!
The Clip On Earring Store Stylist

Sweet Treats at The Clip On Earring Store!

I love those sweet color designs for summer and they're also great for us winter gals too. That's why I've chosen this brand new pair of faceted slightly curved pink disc earrings Item CB-299 for only $19.99 can be found at The Clip On Earring Store.
If you like the style, this is offered in the colors of green, clear, topaz, pink and violet all in this darling year round clip on earring look! And did I mention ONLY $19.99!!
I love the price and I love how the faceting makes these so special and catches the eye! Dresses up any look or perfect for a casual day with your pretty sundress! is the place to shop for clip on earrings with color. It is difficult to find non pierced earrings that don't look like what everyone else is wearing or the standard clip on earring look. This online store really strives to have unusual finds, so you do not just feel special as a clip on earring consumer but as a fahionista as well. is worth checking out just for the colorful beads and glass clip on earring category- you'll find the clip on earrings pictured above plus so much more! And the classics on this site are dynamite freshwater pearl clip on earrings in all different colors, hoop clip on earrings, and crystal clip on earrings- just so many styles to choose from!
So enjoy my pick and your day!
The Clip On Earring Store Stylist

FUN Clip On Earrings- From Summer to Fall!

Beautiful summer days are perfect for bold and fashionable accessories. I, personally, like to hunt for multi-season accessories which is why I fell in love with this pair of clip on earrings at The Clip On Earring Store.
Perfect turquoise and white colors are great for summer- a bohemian dress, a chic white gauze outfit, you name it- even the touch of black in the center gives these an evening look.
So, multi-season and multi-tasking, I'm thinking fall already too. And I love that rich red hue. Wow! Perfect for a rust safari outfit-HOT! But also for fall with a rich red dress or suit.
You can find these at they are a bold substantial disc look and they even sell them in an all turquoise color or that all rich red color. So, take a peek at some neat stuff and think to plan ahead. An accessory can take you a long way!
Positive Days Always!
The Clip On Earring Store Stylist

Friday, June 4, 2010

Freshwater Pearl Clip On Earrings at a Cheap Price!

I'm revisiting this Gift Set at The Clip On Earring Store because we all need and love pearls for summer!
These are a dynamite offer- $45.98 and you get 2 pairs of freshwater pearl clip on earrings plus a gift box. Nice!
The white and black freshwater pearls are embedded with clear Swarovski crystal, so you have just a touch of sparkle to the classic pearl look!
The Clip On Earring Store offers a wide variety of pearl clip on earrings for sale individually but this is ONE HOT DEAL!
Go on over to and get Summer and all year ready with classic pearls with a twist of Swarovski charm! You can find them under item GS-119 or in the Gift Set Category! A beautiful look you will treasure forever and these also make a lovely gift!
Bright & Beautiful Days Only,
The Clip On Earring Store Stylist

Gemstone Meaning Clip On Earrings- Add Some Positivity To Your Life!

I have always been a huge beliver in positive thinking! And I am a huge fan of the author's Napoleon Hill and Norman Vincent Peale for those reasons!

What does this have to do with clip on earrings you might ask? Well, gemstones are pretty ancient as we all know and through many civilizations and culture, they have passed down lore and meaning regarding gems.

Malachite, pictured in these clip on earrings to the right, evoke your personal power- hence, my positivity kick!

At they've got a very cool category called the "Stone Power Collection" and you can find all kinds of gems with meaning all in clip on earrings. For instance, Amber is Energy and Balance, Aquamarine-Tranquility, Labradorite-Destiny and Sunstone-Potentional!

Not only do you get real gems, you get them in clip on earrings, substantial at that and you get something to hang onto- a little bit of luck, peace, creativity, happiness, balance and of course reconnection and love.

Positive thinking will get you just about anywhere in this world I do believe which is why I chose the malachite personal power clip on earrings, because I feel I can choose to be positive and put those thoughts out there and create a better world if I want for myself and others. Don't ever underestimate the power of positivity in your own life and your own mind and don't forget these cool clip on earrings add style as well to your life! Only at The Clip On Earring Store! Check out the Stone Power Collection- all only $22.99!

Regards for a Positive Day!
The Clip On Earring Store Stylist