Monday, February 22, 2010

Shell Clip On Earrings- Try Something New!

How about a bold new look in clip on earrings?
Why not try something like shell!!
The Clip On Earring Store offers a wide variety of shell styles and colors all in shell clip on earrings!
Try a fancy 3 dangle shell, a subtle mother of pearl shell clip on earring, chandelier shell or the look of bold large round disc shell clip on earrings!
I pick the item SH-201 to the right! Bold shell in purple. They also offer a wide array of neutral colors such as black, brown, golden tan and grey, plus major color drama: think orange, teal, pink, red, yellow, fucshia and so much more!
To see this item just visit the Shell Section and look for the Purple Disco Diva pair in the Shell Category over at
INSIDER TIP: Now here's a little hint from you to me: If you love a dainty shell and want to add real Swarovski Crystal check in their Gift Set Category! There are 2 shell packages with gorgeous colors and clear Swarvoski crysyal accents- you get 4 pairs for an awesome price. These are beautiful with a hint of glitz! MUST SEE!
So think Spring and Summer and think Shell! It's a sexy way to add color! Perfect for non pierced ears!
Positive Days Only!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Clip On Earrings- Modern & Looks Like Pierced

Hello All,
I want to spend some time telling you how clip on earrings have changed! You can now enjoy the modern look of fashionable clip on earrings. Plus, many of these clip on earrings look like you're wearing pierced earrings!
You're kidding? You might ask. But no, I'm not and I should know because I love have the look of pierced earrings in clip on earring styles.
At The Clip On Earring Store, there are several options! They not only have a vast selection of modern fashion clip on earrings but they have styles that look like you're wearing pierced! Visit to see for yourself!
To get the pierced look:
Try the following--- 1) The Hoop Category- Tons of slip on or snap on hoops! Looks like pierced, super comfy and in colors you'll adore- black, silver or gold. All are plated for wear over and over again that looks like new.
2) Try typing in pierced look clip on earrings in the search box and you'll see tons of clip on's that mimic a pierced look. It's a certain clip on earring that gives the illusion of pierced earrings!
Other Things to keep in mind:
1) A ball style clip on earring whether regular or large will look pretty all the time especially on a chandelier, they are comfortable and very nice.
2) Clutch Back or Paddle Back Earrings are the kind that have a hinge that just clip on right to your ear- great in non dangle styles that cover up the earlobe entirely.
So, next time you shop clip on earrings and you want a modern pierced look- keep those above tips in mind. I guarantee your secret is safe with me!
By the way, the gorgeous pair of clip on earrings show above can be found at Just look and you'll see in clip on earrings you can find: fashion- modern- big- bold- purple- crystal and comfort all in one!
Have a beautiful positive day!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Get The Jet Set Look- Big Bold Clip On Earrings

Yes, for some of us it's the middle of winter. So, I've unofficially declared it vacation time! Forget the snow and the cold...even if you're not jet-setting off into the sun, it's time to plan ahead for your next vacation!
Think tan and glow....and then think accessorize!
I've picked out this fabulous pair of clip on earrings from The Clip On Earring Store because I am shopping ahead and I can't wait to wear these for summer!
I've got a tan planned with a nice long white tank dress and minimal make up just a little bit of highlighter and bronzer, to make my skin glow plus some glossy bronze lip gloss for effect and some cute flat gold sandals. Yes, I may be looking at snow...but I am thinking glow! What a great look these long gold colored clip on earrings will add to my outfit!
You can find these gorgeous gold colored textured clip on earrings in gold or silver colors at
You can also find a whole bunch of ideas to get your new spring and summer wardrobe into gear so you feel like a jet-setter too. Think gorgeous hues in shell clip on earrings, flower or tropical style clip on earrings, stunning Sterling Silver clip on earrings and lovely long clip on earrings just for starters! All that and so much more at
So ditch the winter and start thinking jet-setter summer!
Positivity and Happiness always shines more than how you look!