Thursday, November 11, 2010

Necklace and Clip On Earring Sets- Look Holiday Fabulous!

It's impossible not look your best when you have a stunning matching necklace and clip on earring set, such as the one picture (Item NS-123) at The Clip On Earring Store.
Imagine this with a black velvet dress. Divine!
It's so hard to find sets when your a non pierced ear gal- but offers a modest and thorough selection of sets with glitz.
All necklaces have matching clip on earrings. They carry everything from faux pearl to rhinestone necklace and clip earring sets. has a category devoted to necklace and clip earring sets which is nice to check out. Good price range. You can get the above set in silvertone. It is also available in a faux black pearl look! Gorgeous! Look at all the detail and glitz in that set.
On of my favorite sets, has been recently restocked and is exclusive to The Clip On Earring Store. That is the pastel sparkler set, fancy purple, pink and blue Czech glass glistens in this pretty set. Great for gift giving!
Joyous Days,
The Clip On Earring Store Stylist