Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Clip On Earrings You Just Can't Find Anywhere Else The Clip On Earring Store

I love my clip on earrings and I'm guessing you do to. I fell in love with these Summer Suede White Hoop Clip On Earrings over at www.thecliponearringstore.com.

I've been blogging for The Clip On Earring Store for quite some time now and I just have to say, they get it right everytime! How perfect are these for Summer! And to boot, I've looked all over and these folks just have a dynamite selection of clip on earrings. You just can't find a selection like it anywhere else.

I'm busy and online shopping makes my life easy. Clip on earrings are so hard to find. I just love the new Summer Selection at www.thecliponearringstore.com and the fact that they constantly are keeping it fresh, working hard, adding new merchandise for the rest of us to enjoy. They make shopping fast and easy but most of all I love all the choices. I especially love hoop clip on earrings and I love the big hoops. These are a perfect example of big hoop style mixed with a modern twist. Love it! But I'll admit I wear a lot of their clutch back and paddle back earrings. You just can't beat those classic styles.

I've already snapped up the Swanky Suede Hoop in white as pictured above but I look forward to a Summer at The Clip On Earring Store filled with new selections and ideas to accessorize my lovely earlobes all during the summer sun filled days!

Visit www.thecliponearringstore.com and fall in love with clip on earrings all over again. Whatever your taste, they're there for you!

Enjoy and Happiness Always,
The Clip On Earring Store Stylist

Monday, May 21, 2012

Color Clip On Earrings at The Clip On Earring Store Tangerine Clip Earrings

Color is in for Summer! I've chosen this Sun Vibe with crystals pair of clip on earrings for a gorgeous look.

Tangerine is the HOT choice of color! Isn't it cute. I think these are so versatile and can be worn through an endless Summer of fun activites.

The Clip On Earring Store currently just added a huge selection of COLOR clip on earrings. Check out more at www.thecliponearringstore.com or
Happy Days,
The Clip On Earring Store Stylist