Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Comfortable Clip On Earrings SNAP ON HOOPS- A MUST HAVE at The Clip On Earring Store- Quality Clip On Earrings

What is the SNAP ON HOOP and Why do you need it now?

The snap on hoop is available at www.thecliponearringstore.com. It is a very versatile hoop. It snaps comfortably on the ear and looks just like you're wearing a pierced hoop.

You can wear it daily or for night. It is sexy and super easy to  pop on and go. The Clip On Earring Store offers the snap on hoop, non pierced hoop, in gold plated, silver plated and black. You can choose any size from Small, Mid Size, Medium and Large! They also have great variety packages, so you'll never have to go without gold or silver colors again.

I wear my snap on hoops everyday. I own a size medium in silver plated and a size large in the gold plated. I just put them on and I have a complete finished look. They appear like I'm wearing real pierced hoop earrings and they match all my gold and silver jewelry.

You too can get the look. The Clip On Earring Store is an expert in hoops that look like you're wearing pierced and they have every conceivable style and color of Snap On  Hoops in quality clip on earrings that are gold plated or silver plated. A MUST HAVE!!

Shop for your SNAP ON HOOPS at www.thecliponearringstore.com today!

The Clip On Earring Store Stylist

Full Set of Gold Plated and Silver Plated Snap On Hoops

Size Small 3 Colors Snap On Hoops

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Swarovski Crystal Clip On Earrings - How To Ensure You are Getting the Real Thing - Quality Clip On Earrings

Swarovski crystals reign supreme in the world of crystals. So, how can you be sure you're getting real Swarovski crystal or Swarovski crystal pearls clip on earrings?

At www.thecliponearringstore.com we will always tell you if your crystal is Swarovski. You'll find a lot of the handmade items at The Clip On Earring Store use real Swarovski crystal, that is because each component (Swarovski crystal) is specifically purchased from a reputable supplier that is a Swarovski distributor for use in that design.

If an item is manufactured it's rare to find Swarovski crystal used in it simply because Swarovski would have to be a part of the process and they have their own line of extensive jewelry. At The Clip On Earring Store, if we say it's simply crystal (then it's not Swarovski crystal). We will always tell you the difference.

Back to the original question- how do you ensure you're getting real Swarovski crystal in your clip on earrings? Just ask the retailer you are purchasing from if it's real Swarovski and not just plain crystal or Austrian crystal. The retailer should be able to tell you which licensed vendor is providing them Swarovski crystal for their clip on earrings, even if it's a collection of manufactured clip on earrings.

The Real Scoop On The Real Deal Swarovski Crystal Clip On Earrings-

Swarovski itself creates its crystal with a special compound that can't be duplicated. The soft (not too rich) hues of Swarovski crystal are also a tell tale sign it's real.

Tips on Becoming a Swarovski Expert:
1. Crystals are perfectly uniform. They are machine cut and each crystal is exactly the same. This means the height, width and overall look is perfection. An ordinary crystal will not look perfect, they will vary. The difference is subtle but when you are examining the crystals used in an entire clip on earring you really can see the difference.
2. Remember, Swarovski uses top notch equipment that cuts precisely. Cutting the faceting on the crystals looks perfect because that's what they have mastered at Swarovski- perfection. You will notice the facets of the crystal will meet at a point.
3. An aurora borealis finish on Swarovski crystal will have even lustor across the entire crystal. Ordinary crystal may look clouded or not perfect in that look. That's what makes Swarovski crystal sparkle. Swarovski will out sparkle any bead because of the fine detail work. Put it side by side of another crystal and you can really see the difference.
4. No bubble inside the crystals.

The Clip On Earring Store feels that ordinary crystal is good enough for some jewelry but when it comes to labeling one of our clip on earrings Swarovski Crystal you can be assured you're getting the real thing. We are providing you quality clip on earrings and we feel the quality we provide regarding crystal should be reliable and trustworthy for our customers. Remember, if you want real Swarovski crystal and you're paying good money for it make sure the retailer you purchase from is buying their Swarovski crystal from a reputable supplier known to be a Swarovski distributor.

Shop www.thecliponearringstore.com for fantastic Swarovski quality clip on earrings Today!

Below are some fantastic look of Swarovski Crystals and Pearls at The Clip On Earring Store.
Pink Swarovski Bicone Crystals
Clear Swarovski Cushion Cut Crystals

Blush Pink Swarovski Crystal Pearls
Bordeaux Red Faceted Oval Swarovski Crystals and Pearls
Aurora Borealis Black Swarovski Round Crystals

Champagne Cushion Cut Swarovski Crystals and Ivory Hue Swarovski Crystal Pearls

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Get A Head Start On The New Year Get with the Pantone Color of the Year 2016 Serenity and Rose Quartz Clip On Earrings at The Clip On Earring Store

Introducing the Pantone 2016 color of the year exclusively at The Clip On Earring Store: Rose Quartz and Serenity.

Why do you need a pair of rose quartz colored clip on earrings? So many reasons! Rose Quartz and Serenity, two luscious airy shades of pink have been named Pantone Color of the year 2016!

What a marvelous shade to choose for a New Year 2016 with so many new beginnings ahead of us all. Rose Quartz is light and airy a tremendous hue for any skin tone. Rose quartz has a beautiful soft translucent tonality to the pink tone associated with rose quartz. It’s the perfect color for a new year.  It symbolizes love and friendship and inner tranquility. You can incorporate this color into your quality clip on earring wardrobe with the real thing. At The Clip On Earring Store, www.thecliponearringstore.com, rose quartz gemstone clip on earrings are easy to find in the gemstone section. You’ll find some amazing selections to wear in this intriguing and feminine gemstone.
You can also look for colors of soft pink incorporated into many of our comfortable clip on earrings at The Clip On Earring Store. Our fashion clip on earrings often pair soft rose colors with bright pops of orange, purple or turquoise hues. You can also search for this cooler pink tone using the Search Box just type in pink or rose. You can even go a step further and get a darling pair of rose color clip on earrings or aim for a stunning pair of rose pink Swarovski crystal pearl clip on earrings both pictured below to get this amazing look.

www.thecliponearringstore.com always keeps up with the trends and doesn’t want you to miss a thing in clip on earrings. The Clip On Earring Store is passionate about providing you comfortable clip on earrings at great prices.

Start your New Year in style with the must have color! The Clip On Earring Store Stylist

Rose Quartz Clip On Earrings
Gemstone of Love Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz Cabochon

Serene Pink CZ Dazzler Clip On Earrings

English Cottage Rose Pink Swarovski Pearl 
Rose Pink Swarovski Crystal

Friday, December 11, 2015

The Quality Clip On Earring Store- Official Site The Clip On Earring Store A Lesson in Quality Clip On Earrings


As we approach the holiday season and the upcoming new year when you're looking to spend your money on those you love or yourself and want to look your best- how do you know you're getting quality clip on earrings? www.thecliponearringstore.com wants you to know you're safe with www.thecliponearringstore.com. We provide accurate and honest descriptions of all our clip on earrings because you deserve to be treated as a customer with respect.

Exclusively at The Clip On Earring Store- The Official Site www.thecliponearringstore.com we pride ourselves in accurate descriptions of your clip on earrings. We have always strived to make sure your shopping experience is an honest one. A picture is certainly worth a thousand words but make sure you read descriptions even in our product titles we let you know exactly what you're getting. Please read our descriptions- you will always get what we say you pay for.


What does gold mean? Well, you won't see gold used lightly at a quality clip on earring store. The word "gold" does not mean real gold. At The Clip On Earring Store, we will always be upfront with you. You will never see an item marked simply gold or silver. We will always tell you if it is  plated or simply a gold color or the real deal. Remember, gold should state 14K gold or 18K or more.

What does Gold/Silver Plated mean?
Gold plated means gold plating over base metal.
Silver plated means silver plating over base metal.

What does Sterling Silver mean?
Sterling Silver means REAL Sterling Silver that is marked.

What does Goldtone/Silvertone mean?
Goldtone or silvertone is just a color. It means it looks like gold or silver it is not real gold or silver.

What about Swarovski Crystal?
When we say Swarovski crystal it really is...when we say crystal it sparkles.

What does Faux mean? Faux means it's made to look similar to something like a Faux pearl of Faux turquoise or Faux onyx.

How do I tell I'm buying real Gemstone clip on earrings?
www.thecliponearringstore.com offers REAL gemstones- when we say Garnet it is Garnet. Remember, in today's day and age sapphire's and such can be simulated (which means lab created). www.thecliponearringstore.com will always tell you if a gemstone is faux, simulated or real in both the title and description.

www.thecliponearringstore.com, The Quality Clip On Earring Store, has thousands of loyal customers who appreciate the quality and honesty we provide. We assure you if you visit us, you'll find the same hospitality provided to you.

The Clip On Earring Store Staff

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Clip On Earring Store Coupon Holiday Sale

Don't miss out on this limited time offer at The Clip On Earring Store.

All clip on earrings are 10% off!

Clearance clip on earrings are 50% off!

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Good Until Sunday December 6, 2015


Holiday Clip On Earrings at The Clip On Earring Store Quality Clip On Earrings

Get in the holiday spirit with these adorable clip on earrings from The Clip On Earring Store!
No need to look endlessly for holiday/Christmas clip on earrings, www.thecliponearringstore.com has it all from reindeer, santa, Christmas trees, ornaments, snowman and so much more holiday clip on earring selections.

Visit www.thecliponearringstore.com for all your Holiday Clip On Earrings!!

Sterling Silver Clip On Earrings at The Clip On Earring Store Quality Clip On Earrings

New selections of Sterling Silver clip on earrings have been added to The Clip On Earring Store in time for holiday gift giving.

Enjoy the luxury of Sterling Silver clip on earrings with real gemstones and unique designs exclusively at www.thecliponearringstore.com.

Luxury Designer Clip On Earrings at The Clip On Earring Store

Introducing quality handmade in the USA clip on earrings at your favorite clip on earring store.
The Clip On Earring Store is dedicated to offering unique and luxurious clip on earrings with quality materials such as Swarovski crystal and pearls.

Check out www.thecliponearringstore.com for luxury designer clip on earrings. Perfect for easy gift giving today!