Friday, July 23, 2010

GET FALL READY- Gem & Crystal Clip On Earrings!

WOW! These would look fabuous on anyone! Gorgeous for fall and they can only be found at The Clip On Earring Store!
Beautiful hues of orange, yellow, red and green make these pop! I can't think of anywhere else I can find such fall friendly looks. Lots of leaves and beautiful rich garnet, plum and deep blues and browns have just arrived in gems and crystal at The Clip On Earring Store.
They really cater to all different kinds of looks and season at their 900+ clip on earring store.
So visit if you're getting tired of the hot summer days and start looking for that autumn breeze right on your ears! has plenty of clip on earrings for all the seasons and special holidays and occassion clip on earrings you might need.
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Okay....after cruising 900+ earrings at The Clip On Earring Store, I thought I'd seen it all! And believe me there's some pretty cool stuff to see.
They have chandelier, crystal, hoops, fashion, birthstone precious gems and so much.
But I still love the gift sets and I thought why not? We think holiday gift giving for gift sets but sometimes I think why not a gift for me!
I adore this gift set Item GS-130 because it is unique and user friendly. Where can you find such beautiful colors in all Swarovski crystal right and ready for your ears. Purple, lilac, blue, green, aqua and pink- all with a nice neat gift box for you- ready to wear! LOVE IT!
So maybe shop early....maybe shop for yourself....check for more great GIFT SET finds!

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The Clip On Earring Store Stylist


Long clip on earrings? Colorful Clip on earrings? Too good to be true? Not at The Clip On Earring Store.
At I've latched onto these beauties and I don't want to let go. I love the colors the fancy touches and I love the prices.
They have the best selection of colorful beads I have seen in clip on earrings. These are fashionable and full of color and I think they look great with any look!
Check out for their fine selection of clip on earrings in fashion, long and colorful beads for an extra kick to your look!
Try Something Positively New,
The Clip On Earring Store Stylist

GO BOLD with Shell Clip On Earrings!

How about a new look to add to your summer dress?
I'm falling in love with shell all over again. Maybe it's because I love the tropical vibe of shell.
The Clip On Earring Store is one of the few places I know you can find a bunch of shell clip on earrings in so many colors, even in Sterling Silver and the designs are great!
Small or large shell discs, chandelier shell clip on earrings or even dangle shell! offers the item pictured above in just about every color imaginable! I think it's fun and bold.
Positive Days,
The Clip On Earring Store Stylist

Rockin' Pearl Clip On Earrings!

Hello All,

These are rockin' and glam all in one! Love these pearl clip on earrings- silver faceted beads and freshwater pearls combine for this rocker vibe look with a cool edge.

You can find these at The Clip On Earring Store! Item PE-373!

I love pearl clip on earrings all year round and these just caught my eyes! What a fantastic look with Swarovski crystals to boot- these would make any pearl wearer look like they have a bit of an edge.

Check out to find these pearl clip on earrings and so much more!

Positive Days,
The Clip On Earring Store Stylist

Splashy CZ Clip On Earrings!

These are absolutely beautiful. The perfect evening out clip on earring.
If you are searching for rhinestone clip on earrings or CZ clip on earrings - check out The Clip On Earring Store for a variety you can't believe.
This is Item CZ-121! I love the long linear look and the finished detail and the fact it's all clear!
Check out the large CZ dangling at the bottom.
Go splashy with these pretty clip on earrings.
Check out for more great finds in crystal and chandelier clip on earrings.

Classic Clip On Earrings!

I adore these classic clip on earrings!
They can be found at The Clip On Earring Store. Item FE-191.
The beautiful faux white pearl look- inset crystals- rimmed in silvertone.
You can't go wrong with these. They are available in the silvertone or the goldtone.
Perfect button style clutch back. If you don't want a dangle earring this is a must.
Great for any clip on earring wardrobe. This is my pick of the week at
Visit for more great classic clip on earrings, button style clip on earrings and pearl clip on earring looks.
The Clip On Earring Stylist!