Monday, July 29, 2013

Find Comfortable Clip On Earrings For Non Pierced Ears at The Clip On Earring Store

They are irresistible and hard to find...those elusive comfy clip on earrings! Well, bring them on!!

The Clip On Earring Store has a beautiful Fall Selection of comfortable clip on earrings in clutch back or paddle back styles. Check out the gorgeous colors and variety of styles. From faux pearl, to crystal to modern, they've got your ears covered! Plus, every pair of clutch back or paddle back earrings comes with a free pair of comfort pads- a special and even rarer gift to get for FREE!

So bring on the comfortable non pierced earrings and make your day a little easier! Shine on with Visit for comfortable clip earrings. With over 1,500 pairs to choose from- you're sure to find the right style for you!

Enjoy my favorites NEW below!---Happy Days, The Clip On Earring Store Stylist


Get The Power Gem Clip On Earrings At The Clip On Earring Store

In a clip on earring rut? How about mixing the powerful healing and energy quality of gems with your clip on earrings?

The clip on earring store,, has a whole Section devoted to gemstones, their meanings and properties. I love the Aquamarine, for it's peace and tranquility. I adore the Rainbow Flourite, pictured to the left, it has properties of psychic energy. How fun! Now your earrings can do more than dress up your look.

Check out STONE POWER for more great looks. Match them to your fall wardrobe or any Season!

Happy Days,
The Clip On Earring Stylist

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Comfortable Clip On Earrings at The Clip On Earring Store

 Looking for comfortable clip on earrings?, The Clip On Earring Store, has some great choices.

I personally can't live without the snap on hoops or slip on hoops. They are sure to please even the fussiest of clip on earring wearers. Both styles feel like you aren't even wearing clip on earrings. I even forget to take them off. They are that comfortable.

The top picture features the small size of the snap on hoops. They come in Gold plated, silver plated or black colors and 4 sizes- small, mid size (bigger than small, smaller than medium) and large! They're awesome! You can save extra when you buy the 3 packs. Big plus- they're unisex, perfect for gals or guys!

The second picture features the slip on hoops! These are totally lightweight and easy to wear. Just slip them on and go. The picture shows the dangle package which features Autumn hues in Swarovski crystal pearls. Nothing but the finest here. These great hoops for non pierced ears are comfortable and come in quality gold plated or silver plated with 3 sizes: small, medium and large.

So get comfy with your new comfortable clip on earrings. Check out for more great comfortable clip on earrings. Try the Solid color match your wardrobe (these have adjustable hinged screw backs) and those hard to find classic paddle back earrings.

Happy Summer- The Clip On Earring Store Stylist