Saturday, April 2, 2016


We're rolling in great new offers due to low prices we've received and we're passing them along to you at The Clip On Earring Store. now offers your favorite comfort clip on earring in hoops at only $19.99.

Just slip on any hoop in gold plated or silver plated sizes: small, medium or large for only $19.99 each.

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ALL SNAP ON HOOPS ANY COLOR ANY SIZE $24.99- Hoops The Clip On Earring Store

NOW- New Price!! Thanks to the low prices available to us we're able to purchase our Snap On Hoops at a great low price. That means all Snap On Hoops any size and color are $24.99 each while this low price is available only at The Clip On Earring Store!

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Large Gold Plated Snap On Hoop Only $24.99

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The Clip On Earring Store is pleased to announce it's new selection of Beautiful Buys all Under $20! Expect the same quality and comfort you've come to expect in our clip on earrings for non pierced ears at reasonable prices attached to quality clip on earrings. now offer a variety of inexpensive low priced clip on earrings. You can find shell, pearls, gold plated and silver plated clip on earrings plus many specialty clip on earrings and your favorite hoops.

Here's a sample no coupon required all under $20 now at The Clip On Earring Store!