Friday, December 28, 2012

New Years Eve Clip On Earrings Sparkle & Crystal & Fancy

 Sparkle & Shine!
Happy New Year 2013!!!!

Get your glitz on at I've chosen two very different looks to show you the versatility of a little glitz. I love the hoop look with the embedded crystal rondelles. And I adore the encrusted crystal teardrop!

What I really suggest is taking a look at what you might be wearing for the evening! Make it match your look. Perhaps, you need a petite clip on earring and not one over the top. Remember, when you buy glitz buy something you can wear again and again. The Clip On Earring Store offers everything to get the party going for New Year's Eve. Perfect pearls in demure black or white, ritzy glitz, soft crystals, long to short clip on earrings, hoops to dangles- color and more color- there is something for everyone! Show your beauty and start your New Year off smart & right with a look for a little luck! Great deals too at just shop around a bit. Beauty to You & Prosperity in 2013- The Clip On Earring Store Stylist