Sunday, February 12, 2012

Clip On Earrings That Don't Pinch

The Clip On Earring Store offers a wide variety of clip on earrings that don't pinch. But my obvious love and favorite earring is a hoop. At you can get slip on or snap on hoops that don't pinch. They are both great styles. The slip on you just slip on, so easy and wonderful you might forget they are on. The snap on hoops you just pull back the hinge and let the spring go back into place. They hug the ear and never pinch. I personally wear them all the time all day long. Now that is a comfortable clip on earring.

So, check out the hoop section and you'll find my 2 favorites I can not live without! Slip on and snap on hoops in silver, gold and black colors- small, medium and large sizes. Check out the 3 packs and SAVE!

Happy Days,

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