Saturday, September 18, 2010

Choose Something with SPARKLE in Clip Earrings!

Get ready for the upcoming fall and holiday season early! Choose a pair of clip on earrings that you know you can wear with any dress for any event and store them away for this year and the next! offers a wide variety of fancy clip on earrings for you to choose from in many lengths, styles and colors. But I really like these beautiful CZ dangle clip on earrings.

The Clip On Earring Store offers this ever classic look, in just the right length, for use year after year. The color is clear, so it matches everything. And would they look decadent on anyone. Makes a great early holiday gift (if you're in the mood to check your list twice) to purchase early.

You can find the above pictured clip on earring at just search for item CZ-121. Happy Shopping!

Positive Days,

The Clip On Earring Store Stylist

Thursday, September 16, 2010

How to Pick Your Fall Clip On Earrings....

How to pick a really great pair of fall clip on earrings- it's simple just follow a few easy steps to make your fall wardrobe pop!

The picture shown is a gorgeous pair of fall inspired clip on earrings that can be found at

1. Look for color: Classic fall colors include- squash yellow, forest green, pumpkin orange, cranberry, midnight blue, velvet bronze, purple or anything you might personally associate with fall.

2. Pick a fall charm or motif: Leaves are abundant at The Clip On Earring Store and they are a great starter point for motif for fall. There's also acorn, grapes, anything nature related in a charm or look makes a nice fall clip on earring.

3. Substance of the earrings: I call it substance because you will find fall richness in both color and feel in things such as natural gems and pearls. Those make nice little additions to a fall look. Jaspers are inherently fall. And so many pearls have great fall colors as mentioned above.

4. Don't miss out on the bling: Fall colors reign supreme in rich reds and reto blues for crystal in pretty art deco clip on earrings.

So pick your style, color of motif, you may just be surprised at how many compliments you get on one really great fall accessory. The above pictured clip on earring can be found at in their What's New Section. Use the Search Box for Item NG-354. Check out Gemstones, Pearls and many of the other categories for refreshing fall looks.

Positive Days Always,
The Clip On Earring Store Stylist

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What are paddle back clip on earrings?

What are paddle back clip on earrings? This is a simple question that can be answered. They are also known as clutch back earrings.

At you will find the item (CR-392) pictured to your right. This is a fine example of a paddle back earring.

As you can see they grip right to the pads there and they do the same to your ears.

A flat metal piece (paddle like) will cling to the back of the earring until you pull it open slide the earring on your ear and just push the paddle back in place.

These clutch to your ears real nice are commonly found in earrings that do not dangle and that are in crystal or fancy form.

At they refer to the paddle back style mostly as clutch back earrings because of the way they clip onto the ear. You can visit The Clip On Earring Store and type "clutch back" into the SEARCH BOX and you will find a delectable range of clip on earrings for you to choose from.

Hope this information helps in your search for the perfect clip on earrings you deserve!

Positive Days,
The Clip On Earring Store Stylist


Monday, September 13, 2010

The Different Kinds Of Clip On Earrings!

There are several kinds of clip on earring styles to keep in mind when purchasing. I will list them briefly: 1. Half Ball Style, 2. Pierced Look Style, 3. Slip on or Snap On Hoops, 4. Clutch Back or Paddle Back, 5. Screw Back clip on earrings.
The picture to your rights shows 3 of the above mentioned styles. This lovely set is available at The Clip On Earring Store and it's a great example of various clip on styles.
First, is the Swarovski crystal pearl dangle. This is a pierced style clip on earring. Kind of looks like a leverback post when on the ear and very popular for those who like a pierced look.
Second, is the slip on hoop, just like the snap on hoop, it is seamless and looks like it is going right through your ear. These are very comfortable and create a definite pierced ear look easily.
Third, is the most commonly seen style the half ball style clip on earring- just a very simple classic look on the ear that allows, in this case, the lovely pear shaped design to dangle from the ear. This half ball style may also be seen in a larger look.
The other styles of clip on earrings mentioned were as follows:
The clutch back or paddle back earring-- These are great for those who like a non-dangle style. They just clip to the back of the ear with a larger clip and grip the ear nicely and comfortably. Also, is the the screw back clip on earrings- these have an adjustable hinge and screw on for your comfort level and they are very similar to the half ball style, as they have a ball style showing on the ear. Very nice for a finished look. offers the above set with a gift box in their phenomenal gift set category! It is a great example of just how much variety and style you can choose not only in the earring design but the very post itself.
They also offer a huge selection of clip on earrings that feature even more decorative clip on earrings with antique goldtone or silvertone looks and large half ball style clip on earrings for extra grip on the ear!
What difference does a clip make? Well, it really comes down to personal style or preference, sometimes it just suits the earring or you find it most comfortable. Either way look at the whole earring to see the overall look as to what you might like. At you always get silver or gold plated clip on earrings in various clip styles that is quality at it's best. The clutch backs are often in goldtone or silvertone and are also very good durable quality.
Hope this information helps you feel better armed to shop for your clip on earring wardrobe!
Happy Shopping & Positive Days,
The Clip On Earring Store Stylist