Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Get Glitzy with Earthy Gem Clip On Earrings!

What could be better than a fantastic pair of clip on earrings? How about a pair with real gems!
At The Clip On Earring Store, they've got a pretty wide variety of semi-precious gemstone clip on earrings to choose from.
I fell in love with the Amazonite pair pictured- these would like awesome on any ears! Sparkle in pastel Swarovski crystals plus earthy beautiful blue Amazonite in a faceted cone shape and small rounds at the bottom make this piece hard to top!
If you're looking to add to your clip on earring wardrobe, I suggest investing in gemstone clip on earrings, not only are you getting high quality for your money, you are getting some really pretty looks that will take you through different seasons. offers such unique gemstone clip on earrings as: jasper, blackstone, turquoise, garnet, citrine, agate, labradorite, tiger's eye, rhyolite, pearls, amethyst, malachite, tiger iron, amber, moonstone, quartz, carnelian, ocean jasper, russian green amazonite, goldstone and so much more! Check it out!
Have a beautiful day!
The Clip On Earring Store Stylist