Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bold Color for Spring Huge Trend in Accessories-Fashion Clip On Earrings

Think bold bright colors for spring when you opt go shopping for Sping/Summer accessories!

Beautiful hues of pink, purple, teal, peridot, aquamarine and more are just waiting for you to find at The Clip On Earring Store where they offer hundreds of fashionable clip on earring selections just for you!

I'm really excited about the color and sparkle this season in Hoop clip on earrings. Think sparkly aqua or green! Check them out at
The item pictured above is HC-585 and you can find it at in the Hoops Section- wild colors like these can be great for a sixties inspired party or look! Or just add them as an accent with some Khakis! They've also got some nifty colorful find in their fashion clip on earring collection!
So- be colorful & bold this season!