Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Clip On Earrings- Modern & Looks Like Pierced

Hello All,
I want to spend some time telling you how clip on earrings have changed! You can now enjoy the modern look of fashionable clip on earrings. Plus, many of these clip on earrings look like you're wearing pierced earrings!
You're kidding? You might ask. But no, I'm not and I should know because I love have the look of pierced earrings in clip on earring styles.
At The Clip On Earring Store, there are several options! They not only have a vast selection of modern fashion clip on earrings but they have styles that look like you're wearing pierced! Visit www.thecliponearringstore.com to see for yourself!
To get the pierced look:
Try the following--- 1) www.thecliponearringstore.com The Hoop Category- Tons of slip on or snap on hoops! Looks like pierced, super comfy and in colors you'll adore- black, silver or gold. All are plated for wear over and over again that looks like new.
2) Try typing in pierced look clip on earrings in the search box and you'll see tons of clip on's that mimic a pierced look. It's a certain clip on earring that gives the illusion of pierced earrings!
Other Things to keep in mind:
1) A ball style clip on earring whether regular or large will look pretty all the time especially on a chandelier, they are comfortable and very nice.
2) Clutch Back or Paddle Back Earrings are the kind that have a hinge that just clip on right to your ear- great in non dangle styles that cover up the earlobe entirely.
So, next time you shop clip on earrings and you want a modern pierced look- keep those above tips in mind. I guarantee your secret is safe with me!
By the way, the gorgeous pair of clip on earrings show above can be found at www.thecliponearringstore.com Just look and you'll see in clip on earrings you can find: fashion- modern- big- bold- purple- crystal and comfort all in one!
Have a beautiful positive day!