Wednesday, January 13, 2010


If you're looking for some clip on earrings with comfort-- try clutch back earrings. What are clutch back clip on earrings? Well, I guess some call them paddle back but they are basically the good old fashioned style earring that clips right onto your ear with a hinged pieced in the back.
A lot are button styles, some faux pearls, but don't let the older styles influence your decision.
Clutch back clip on earrings are highly comfortable and now in truly modern looks!
Check out the pair I've shown- looks like real turquoise (but is faux) has beautiful crystals and the design in well ......just gorgeous! has several of these clutch back styles and in different colors. Not to mention looks! Nothing old fashioned here.
The Clip On Earring Store, offers many choices in clutch back clip on earrings. They are comfort and user friendly. Plus they often come with comfort pads. They look great if you want a pop of color next to your face because they don't dangle. And they are an easy look.
So next time you are looking for both comfort and style at just type in clutch back in the Search Box and Press Go for many styles! determine your own beautiful look! Style is for all!