Wednesday, November 25, 2009


We are now entering the beloved holiday season and it's time to pick out that special gift! If you're searching for clip on earrings- have I got the perfect gift idea for you!
Hey- soon it will be a new year and we're all looking for a little inspiration, especially now and why not give a gift with some special meaning behind it.
The Clip On Earring Store offers a fantastic selection of clip on earrings for day and night, we're talking hoops to crystal. But they also have enough foresight to offer that little something extra.
Hop on over to to their GEMSTONE POWER COLLECTION! Every single pair of clip on or pierced earrings (your choice) is only $22.99! All real gems!! They come in a gorgeous decorative gold bag for easy gift giving and here is the kicker- I LOVE THIS- they each have a special meaning!
For example, the Citrine clip on earrings pictured above are for Creativity and Wealth! Rose Quartz promotes love, Sodalite- inner truth, Amethyst- Intuition, Amazonite-Honor and love, Garnet- Luck & Love, Iolite- Stone of Power, Labradorite- Destiny, Peridot- Happiness, Turquoise- Luck and Unakite- Reunions & Reconnection! You get the idea! So, this is a special gift for a friend or loved one that might have a particular need in their life. It promotes an idea and a spark of hope that is unique and makes them feel special- gems really do have meaning and at only $22.99 these make an unforgettable gift!
With over 33 Choices in the GEMSTONE POWER COLLECTION give them a gift with real meaning! Fun for anyone who wears clip on earrings and a bright start to a NEW YEAR!
Enjoy this blessed Holiday Season!