Monday, September 28, 2009

A Real Find: Gemstone Gorgeous Clip On Earrings- Turquoise, Rose Quartz, Tiger's Eye, Amethyst OH MY!

The words Red Tiger's Eye and clip on earrings are rarely something that go together. But in the wonderful world of The Clip On Earring Store, gorgeous gems are here to stay!
The Clip On Earring Store is a rare find for those who are collecting semi-precious gems in the form of clip on earrings. They have many styles and gems to choose from, all unique and different. They have brilliant collections for Fall and Winter.
This fall inspired design is exclusively designed by The Clip On Earring Store and features a beautiful antique goldtone leaf mixed with rich Tiger's Eye.
You can find this item NG-327 at along with a variety of other gems that are sure to get your mind thinking.
They feauture some beautiful looks in rich shades for fall like: Chunky Bold Amethyst, Brown with hints of Gold (Muscovite) from Russia, Rasberry Crazy Lace Agate in a long dangle style, Green Malachite, Navy Agate, Yellow Mouakite mixed with a tinge of Purple and Tiger's Eye. There is so much more to choose from including old favorites like: Rose Quartz, Turquoise, Citrine, Amber, Amazonite, Coral and Carnelian to name a few.
So what's the best way to choose what's right in gemstone clip on earrings for you? I recommend the following guidelines:
1. Decide on a color! That goes a long way and can pretty much narrow down your choices right away. Are you matching your clip on earrings to a new fall outfit? Do you like brown because you have hazel eyes? You get the idea.
2. Pick a gem! Sounds easy- in fact for fun check out for their Gemstone Power Category. Get all the allure of gems with their meaning. This might help you on your quest for the perfect gem. Looking for love? Choose rose quartz.
3. Look for detail! Like the item pictured above. The added leaf makes all the difference. Do you want a little sparkle or a totally natural gem look. Maybe you like a chandelier style with daintier gems.
4. Don't be intimidated! Think outside the box. Gems can look extremely elegant for evening. Check out a sleek blackstone with fancy accents. Go large and bold for a more ethnic look.
5. Go with what catches your eye! If the gems and styles say something to you- chances are when you wear them- they'll express your inner personality to the world.
For more inspiration, don't forget to check the Gemstone Power and Pearl Categories at for unique handcrafted selections that you won't find anywhere else.
Keep looking beautiful and SHINE!