Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Long Dangle Clip On Earrings for Non Pierced Ears!

We're talking long and fabulous clip on earrings! Now, in the beginning of my clip on earring world, as I like to call it, I didn't deviate from small little clip on earrings- mostly because I couldn't find the long ones.
www.thecliponearringstore.com offers many long style of clip on earrings. This Item LE-273 pictured is a perfect example of what I wanted in a long style. That perfect classic look with the elegance of silvertones and faux white pearls. With my hair up I feel very Audrey-esque!
I love the way they flow, dangle and move, a real seductive style- yet total class.
I love the class the luxury of long non pierced earrings can add but I like some of the edgy, modern styles too! There are some really neat choices in the Long/Chain Clip on earring category! Check them out and add some new flair to your old styles!
Have fun, smile and always look your best- from one clip on earrings diva to another.