Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cheap but Total Quality Clip Earrings- Swarvoski Clip On Earrings Only $17.99

Who can resist the lure of a bargain? I am in love with these Swarovski Crystal dangle clip on earrings- let me tell you why:
1. They only cost $17.99!
2. They are of the highest quality Swarovski crystal.
3. They are a perfect dainty design.
4. They come with adjustable screw back clip earrings that you can adjsut for comfort.
5. Did I mention only $17.99 for Swarovski?
Seem to good to be true? Not really!
At you can find these in the Solid Color Match Your Clothes Category- and you can find just about any color to match your look! Perfect for you and a perfect gift! You will love these to just slip on and you won't believe your eyes at this price.
Check for more great choices and styles. If you like solid colors that don't dangle check their cabochon category. For gold or silver- you've got 2 choices: goldtone and silvertone (which is filled with classic everyday styles) or for a higher end piece the Gold and Sterling Silver category offers luxury clip on earrings.
Either way $17.99 is a good start and the sparkle of Swarovski crystal will look like you paid a lot more!