Monday, September 21, 2009

Chandelier Clip On Earrings: Sparkle Luxury for the Ears

Chandelier clip on earrings are my passion!! I love them- long, short, glam, boho!
So how do you know what to choose?
I think the right pair of chandelier clip on earrings can really make your look!
So, the first step is what do you need the chandelier look for? If you've got a fancy event then you're probably going to want to go Long & Crystals! Most likely, clear is the best choice! Black is perfect with a stunning black dress. But color can be bold, so be daring if you choose.
You can find the above pictured glam chandelier style clip on earrings at The Clip On Earring Store-
Now, I don't think chandelier is limited to fancy events. So, maybe you want to wear them with your new paisely blouse or your long courdory tunic. With solid color tops- try and choose a multi-colored chandelier in a long dangly chain style with at least one bead or crystal that matches the solid color you're wearing. For a printed top- try a neutral silvertone or goldtone in a chandelier look. There's a great pair posted as a top pick at this week featuring multi-neautral tones of dangling leaves-perfect for fall and easy to mix in.
Do also think style comfort level with chandelier style clip on earrings. If you don't like long- look at the measurements and pick something with a bit of length and more design to add a punch to the look. If you don't like bling, there are plenty of chandelier styles at The Clip On Earring Store that favor a neutral solid tone with chain or other decorative beads.
Also, do think decorative glass and beads. offers some really charming boutique style clip on earrings that definitely have a chandelier look and feature leaves or hearts in charms that dangle with cute designs. They also offer many one of a kind desinger looks! So, when you're wearing your clip on earrings (Chandelier) you won't look like everyone else!
Have fun looking & browsing- be bold in your look- hope your ears are well covered with style!