Monday, September 28, 2009

Rhinetone Clip On Hoops- Add Sparkle to Your Clip On Earrings!

Looking for something glitzy in clip on earrings? Look no further. The Clip On Earring Store offers a beautiful selection of classic Rhinestone and Crystal selections.
These fantastic rhinestone hoops are sure to be a winner with any color you choose to wear for evening and the goldtone background color couldn't be better! It adds drama to the sparkling rhinestones. Plus, these look fantastic on if you have golden hair.
These classic Rhinestone clip on hoops are my featured pick at The Clip On Earring Store becuase they are a staple in almost any clip earring wardrobe and these are nice and comfortable. With the encrusted rhinestone portion that sits on your ear, these sparkle and light up your entire face.
You can find these must have holiday ready clip on earrings at!
They're item RH-148! You'll find yourself wearing them often and won't be disappointed with how much they dress up your look.
For more color and variety check out the delightful selections at in their Crystal and Chandelier categories!
Look fantastic! Thanks for reading!

A Real Find: Gemstone Gorgeous Clip On Earrings- Turquoise, Rose Quartz, Tiger's Eye, Amethyst OH MY!

The words Red Tiger's Eye and clip on earrings are rarely something that go together. But in the wonderful world of The Clip On Earring Store, gorgeous gems are here to stay!
The Clip On Earring Store is a rare find for those who are collecting semi-precious gems in the form of clip on earrings. They have many styles and gems to choose from, all unique and different. They have brilliant collections for Fall and Winter.
This fall inspired design is exclusively designed by The Clip On Earring Store and features a beautiful antique goldtone leaf mixed with rich Tiger's Eye.
You can find this item NG-327 at along with a variety of other gems that are sure to get your mind thinking.
They feauture some beautiful looks in rich shades for fall like: Chunky Bold Amethyst, Brown with hints of Gold (Muscovite) from Russia, Rasberry Crazy Lace Agate in a long dangle style, Green Malachite, Navy Agate, Yellow Mouakite mixed with a tinge of Purple and Tiger's Eye. There is so much more to choose from including old favorites like: Rose Quartz, Turquoise, Citrine, Amber, Amazonite, Coral and Carnelian to name a few.
So what's the best way to choose what's right in gemstone clip on earrings for you? I recommend the following guidelines:
1. Decide on a color! That goes a long way and can pretty much narrow down your choices right away. Are you matching your clip on earrings to a new fall outfit? Do you like brown because you have hazel eyes? You get the idea.
2. Pick a gem! Sounds easy- in fact for fun check out for their Gemstone Power Category. Get all the allure of gems with their meaning. This might help you on your quest for the perfect gem. Looking for love? Choose rose quartz.
3. Look for detail! Like the item pictured above. The added leaf makes all the difference. Do you want a little sparkle or a totally natural gem look. Maybe you like a chandelier style with daintier gems.
4. Don't be intimidated! Think outside the box. Gems can look extremely elegant for evening. Check out a sleek blackstone with fancy accents. Go large and bold for a more ethnic look.
5. Go with what catches your eye! If the gems and styles say something to you- chances are when you wear them- they'll express your inner personality to the world.
For more inspiration, don't forget to check the Gemstone Power and Pearl Categories at for unique handcrafted selections that you won't find anywhere else.
Keep looking beautiful and SHINE!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Chandelier Clip On Earrings: Sparkle Luxury for the Ears

Chandelier clip on earrings are my passion!! I love them- long, short, glam, boho!
So how do you know what to choose?
I think the right pair of chandelier clip on earrings can really make your look!
So, the first step is what do you need the chandelier look for? If you've got a fancy event then you're probably going to want to go Long & Crystals! Most likely, clear is the best choice! Black is perfect with a stunning black dress. But color can be bold, so be daring if you choose.
You can find the above pictured glam chandelier style clip on earrings at The Clip On Earring Store-
Now, I don't think chandelier is limited to fancy events. So, maybe you want to wear them with your new paisely blouse or your long courdory tunic. With solid color tops- try and choose a multi-colored chandelier in a long dangly chain style with at least one bead or crystal that matches the solid color you're wearing. For a printed top- try a neutral silvertone or goldtone in a chandelier look. There's a great pair posted as a top pick at this week featuring multi-neautral tones of dangling leaves-perfect for fall and easy to mix in.
Do also think style comfort level with chandelier style clip on earrings. If you don't like long- look at the measurements and pick something with a bit of length and more design to add a punch to the look. If you don't like bling, there are plenty of chandelier styles at The Clip On Earring Store that favor a neutral solid tone with chain or other decorative beads.
Also, do think decorative glass and beads. offers some really charming boutique style clip on earrings that definitely have a chandelier look and feature leaves or hearts in charms that dangle with cute designs. They also offer many one of a kind desinger looks! So, when you're wearing your clip on earrings (Chandelier) you won't look like everyone else!
Have fun looking & browsing- be bold in your look- hope your ears are well covered with style!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Modern and Classic Gals Guide to Clip On Earrings

There's a bit of controvery that goes on in the mind of a long time clip on earring wearer when shopping for clip on earrings! Now that there are so many choices out there- it comes down to one simple question: Do I buy modern or classic?
So how to decide......
You must, no matter who you are always feel comfortable in what you are wearing. I believe this firmly. Don't let anyone talk you into something you don't think you can walk out of the house in! Having said that- if you are adventuresome- wear it like you own it. Thinking you look good in what you're wearing and your own personal style choices really show- you walk a different way and you act a different way!
So...maybe you choose classic!
This is an easy route and a stylish one to boot. Over at finding a classic style is easy!
My choices:
1. Pearls- $19.99 for simple elegant freshwater pearls drops. Even the designer look styles have a pop of color that still say classic but radiate a fresh look.
2. Slip on or Snap on hoops- Small is always day in and day out classic. Easy colors and comfortable.
3. Colorful Beads: Classic doesn't mean you have to shy away from color. Try a pretty pink bead with a flower on it or one in blue. As long as the length is not to long (check measurements) this will ensure a classic and elegant look.
4. Perhaps something you haven't tried- Shell! Too dramatic you might think....not so. A large disc shell or a smaller coin sized mother of pearl shell in just the right color can ultimately add a classic tonality to your look. I dare say try the large shell becuase I like them from the 60's they were fab then and totally stylish now with a floppy sun hat and a gauze dress. I'd even wear them with sequins!
5. A final thought gemstones and Swarovski Crystals are always a stylish compliment & of course classic goldtone or silvertone designs. Pick the one's with crystals if you want enhance your look.
So maybe you choose...Modern! is chock full of Modern clip on earrings in refreshing hard to find styles.
1. I picure item CR-348 above from The Clip On Earring Store because to me it brings crystal to a whole new level! You've got that classic sparkle but in this textured oversized setting.
2. Think edgy materials included in the clip earrings- like thread, hammered metals, fringe whether in beads or chain- these really add a modern look.
3. Fashion Styles- always check the What's New Category- Some of these earrings look straight out of your favorite category but we all notice they look modern for a reason- because they have a great linear style, an antiqued look and a tonality to the beads whether rustic green or fall orange. Perfect for trying out your new look- pick something with a feather or a charm.
4. Sterling Silver- Classic styles but I think they're modern for clip on earring fans because they are difficult to find. I love the new selection of Sterling Silver shell clip on earrings- in Abalone and Paua Shell.
5. Over the top- We're talking from crystal to shell- long styles, extravagant bauables, tons of chain, small rocaille bead designs and eye-popping color. I love the boutique styles too- charms that dangle and look expensive- cool colors and cute motifs.
Whatever you choose, you can find over 800 styles at
Look carefully, think of your wardrobe and imagine your desired look before purchasing. You may want to pick just one style to fit in with a specific outfit! Try it out and wear your new look with flair and undivided confidence.
Clip on earrings have developed over the years and can greatly enhance your look. For me, I would not leave the house without them on. And when I put them on, I feel they express my own style. I prefer modern and boutique looks but you'll find me wearing pearls at least two days out of the week.
As, I said before have fun and make that look your own! Own it!

Get the Designer Look in Pearl Clip On Earrings

I am in love with pearls! And I am so thrilled to have them in clip on earrings! I like everything about freshwater pearls, their enhanced colors, the sheen, the glow, the cultured look that can be deepened with mystery just by design. has some real freshwater pearl treasures. Let me start with the obvious item I've pictured (my pick) because with golden hair I would wear these in a second. Golden freshwater pearls and summer fruit colored sparkling Swarovski- what a combo! Plus the screw back adjustable clip on earrings.

Why I really love for pearl clip on earrings?

1. They offer dangle white freshwater pearls in a gold plated or silver plated setting for only $19.99! Did I say $19.99! And they are gorgeous in person.

2. They offer the above mentioned style in eye-popping colors like Flamingo Pink and Mango! Yes- Only $19.99!

3. Swarvoski crystal pearls are another favorite of mine- the heart of the bead is a crystal and it has such a finish- looks like you paid a lot- these run in the $20+ range and the colors are fab: white, tahitian black, pink, maroon, gold, midnight blue, dark brown and more. Love these classic styles.

4. I go for the designer style freshwater pearl clip on earrings. I like the colors and the unique designs at prices I know I can't find anywhere else.

5. A neat collection in both the Pearl Category and What's New Category of faux pearls in classic clutch back style with crystals that are absolutely timeless.

Looking for pearl clip on earrings visit

Find something new, treat yourself and enjoy the view of a sea full of clip on earrings!

Long Dangle Clip On Earrings for Non Pierced Ears!

We're talking long and fabulous clip on earrings! Now, in the beginning of my clip on earring world, as I like to call it, I didn't deviate from small little clip on earrings- mostly because I couldn't find the long ones. offers many long style of clip on earrings. This Item LE-273 pictured is a perfect example of what I wanted in a long style. That perfect classic look with the elegance of silvertones and faux white pearls. With my hair up I feel very Audrey-esque!
I love the way they flow, dangle and move, a real seductive style- yet total class.
I love the class the luxury of long non pierced earrings can add but I like some of the edgy, modern styles too! There are some really neat choices in the Long/Chain Clip on earring category! Check them out and add some new flair to your old styles!
Have fun, smile and always look your best- from one clip on earrings diva to another.

Alternative to Magnetic Earrings: Spring-Loaded Hoops has some really great alternatives to magnetic earrings.
As pictured, they offer snap on hoops for non pierced ears. Now, these are great clip on earrings. You just pull back the spring mechanism and they fit right on the ear for an easy fast look. Very comfortable. The website offers these in Sizes: small, medium and large and Colors: Gold Plated, Silver Plated and Black.
What's really great is the picture shows Item HC-501 (which is the 3 pack of medium hoops) you get all three at a discounted price of 15% than if you were to buy them separately. There are other 3 packs you can buy based on size or color.
My next fix for the alternative to a magnetic earrings is Cabochon clip on earrings. These do not dangle, which I really do love- I love to cover up my earlobes sometimes, I don't know just to make them not as prominent and to add that touch of color to my face. offers Cabochon clip earrings in gems, shell and more! Really worth checking out! Prices are reasonable for semi-precious gems.
Hope you find something new that will flatter you and comfort you in your search for the perfect clip on earrings that make you shine and provide comfort!

Holiday Christmas Clip On Earrings- Santa Reindeer, Snowflake & More

I don't know about you but I love the holidays! I know it's a little early to be blogging about holiday clip on earrings but I just can't help myslef!
At there is a very cute current selection of Halloween clip on earrings including sparkly ghosts, witches and pumpkins. How cute!
I am featuring a bit more Christmas holiday theme here in my photo but I just can't wait to see what's in store this holiday season at
They always have a great selection of bells (like the one pictured) thay actually jingle with bows, Santa's, reindeers, poinseittas, snowflakes, angels, ornaments and more. The prices are holiday shopper friendly and just a joy to wear!
I always wear my double bell silver clip on earrings because they have a beautiful bow, they sparkle a bit and it reminds me of that beautiful Christmas Carol "Silver Bells".
So, I say, if you're feeling a bit nostalgic today, like I am an longing for a bit of Hot chocolate, like I always am, check out the holiday section just to life your spirits!
And words from the clip earrings elves at many new holiday items this year! Have fun!

Biker Clip On Earrings for Guys

Clip on earrings for men! Or Gals! Check out this so difficult to find Snap On Hoop for non pierced ears with silvertone motorcycle charm!
The Clip On Earring Store offers several choices in mens clip on earrings including: Snap on hoops and slip on hoops in gold, silver or black colors.
Now they've added a spin to the classic mens earring! Cross charms and motorcycle charms.
Just get the earrings pull back the spring mechanism and wear them on the ear for an easy look! will also soon feature skull and crossbone dangle snap on hoops for men too!
Remember, they're not just for guys they wear great for gals too!
Check out the variety in guys clip on earrings at

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cheap but Total Quality Clip Earrings- Swarvoski Clip On Earrings Only $17.99

Who can resist the lure of a bargain? I am in love with these Swarovski Crystal dangle clip on earrings- let me tell you why:
1. They only cost $17.99!
2. They are of the highest quality Swarovski crystal.
3. They are a perfect dainty design.
4. They come with adjustable screw back clip earrings that you can adjsut for comfort.
5. Did I mention only $17.99 for Swarovski?
Seem to good to be true? Not really!
At you can find these in the Solid Color Match Your Clothes Category- and you can find just about any color to match your look! Perfect for you and a perfect gift! You will love these to just slip on and you won't believe your eyes at this price.
Check for more great choices and styles. If you like solid colors that don't dangle check their cabochon category. For gold or silver- you've got 2 choices: goldtone and silvertone (which is filled with classic everyday styles) or for a higher end piece the Gold and Sterling Silver category offers luxury clip on earrings.
Either way $17.99 is a good start and the sparkle of Swarovski crystal will look like you paid a lot more!

Clip On Earrings That Rock! Threaded Clip On Earrings

We all want a special style and look! And we want to look like we're in style. So how do you get that winning combination when you're shopping for clip on earrings?

Definitely this fall, look for something that is bright, vivid and has some defining quality that is a bit boho-chic! Like these beautiful threaded clip on earrings. offers several kinds of color combinations in threaded clip earrings to fit your outfit. This item is HC-549 over at their site.

I like these because I think the red and yellow thread is really kind of looking toward fall colors but the blue makes these a must have to tuck away for next summer.

Who says clip on earrings can't be just as stylish as pierced earrings!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Vintage Looks-Modern Clip On Earrings A Real Find!

When I first realized that the world did not revolve around those without pierced ears, I got creative fast.
My first endeavor was my Grandma's jewelry box- a few pairs of faux pearl clip on earrings. As I got older, I started purchasing the occassional clip on earring at the department store (I mostly stuck to the classics). I had one pair of crystal solitaires, a large pair of faceted red Lucites with crystals and a goldtone pair with crystals that were real dainty. Those stick out most in my mind.
One day, I found myself at an antique flea market and discovered a whole new world- vintage jewelry. And the prices were pretty good- I was picking up lots of vintage crystal and faux pearls that I started relying on for my earring wardrobe. Those were good times.
Things have come full circle now! Those with pierced ears want a vintage look and while it's hard to find at flea markets these days. Check out the pair I've picked!
Item CR-350 can be found at This vintage look is a must have art deco inspiration. So if your ears are pierced or not I highly recommend this pair of clip on earrings. The design is a real throw back to the glamour era we all crave! Put some vintage magic on your ears and SMILE!

Where to find BIG HOOP Clip On Earrings!

Okay, so let's put it out there- all of us without pierced ears- really want just a great pair of clip on hoops!
I'm the first to admit, I will go for a classic silvertone or goldtone hoop anyday. Then I might go for something with a little sparkle. But lets face it, we've been so deprived in clip on earrings for years that we don't deviate much.
It was brought to my attention a few years back, when I just loved the big hoop style, that this was going to take some real searching to find in clip on earrings. Now while I love my classic little hoops for everyday wear. I secretly envy those girls with the large hoops and the floppy hats looking real chic!
Enter! They cater and offer all style of hoops and sizes to please. The item picture HC-543 is a large round goldtone hoop with crystals- wow! They offer them in silvertone also.
And while you can find snap on hoops or slip on hoops or colorful hoops at this great online store dedicated to non pierced earrings- has some really great BIG HOOP Clip On Earrings! Enjoy!