Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Vintage Looks-Modern Clip On Earrings A Real Find!

When I first realized that the world did not revolve around those without pierced ears, I got creative fast.
My first endeavor was my Grandma's jewelry box- a few pairs of faux pearl clip on earrings. As I got older, I started purchasing the occassional clip on earring at the department store (I mostly stuck to the classics). I had one pair of crystal solitaires, a large pair of faceted red Lucites with crystals and a goldtone pair with crystals that were real dainty. Those stick out most in my mind.
One day, I found myself at an antique flea market and discovered a whole new world- vintage jewelry. And the prices were pretty good- I was picking up lots of vintage crystal and faux pearls that I started relying on for my earring wardrobe. Those were good times.
Things have come full circle now! Those with pierced ears want a vintage look and while it's hard to find at flea markets these days. Check out the pair I've picked!
Item CR-350 can be found at www.thecliponearringstore.com. This vintage look is a must have art deco inspiration. So if your ears are pierced or not I highly recommend this pair of clip on earrings. The design is a real throw back to the glamour era we all crave! Put some vintage magic on your ears and SMILE!