Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Modern and Classic Gals Guide to Clip On Earrings

There's a bit of controvery that goes on in the mind of a long time clip on earring wearer when shopping for clip on earrings! Now that there are so many choices out there- it comes down to one simple question: Do I buy modern or classic?
So how to decide......
You must, no matter who you are always feel comfortable in what you are wearing. I believe this firmly. Don't let anyone talk you into something you don't think you can walk out of the house in! Having said that- if you are adventuresome- wear it like you own it. Thinking you look good in what you're wearing and your own personal style choices really show- you walk a different way and you act a different way!
So...maybe you choose classic!
This is an easy route and a stylish one to boot. Over at www.thecliponearringstore.com finding a classic style is easy!
My choices:
1. Pearls- $19.99 for simple elegant freshwater pearls drops. Even the designer look styles have a pop of color that still say classic but radiate a fresh look.
2. Slip on or Snap on hoops- Small is always day in and day out classic. Easy colors and comfortable.
3. Colorful Beads: Classic doesn't mean you have to shy away from color. Try a pretty pink bead with a flower on it or one in blue. As long as the length is not to long (check measurements) this will ensure a classic and elegant look.
4. Perhaps something you haven't tried- Shell! Too dramatic you might think....not so. A large disc shell or a smaller coin sized mother of pearl shell in just the right color can ultimately add a classic tonality to your look. I dare say try the large shell becuase I like them from the 60's they were fab then and totally stylish now with a floppy sun hat and a gauze dress. I'd even wear them with sequins!
5. A final thought gemstones and Swarovski Crystals are always a stylish compliment & of course classic goldtone or silvertone designs. Pick the one's with crystals if you want enhance your look.
So maybe you choose...Modern!
www.thecliponearringstore.com is chock full of Modern clip on earrings in refreshing hard to find styles.
1. I picure item CR-348 above from The Clip On Earring Store because to me it brings crystal to a whole new level! You've got that classic sparkle but in this textured oversized setting.
2. Think edgy materials included in the clip earrings- like thread, hammered metals, fringe whether in beads or chain- these really add a modern look.
3. Fashion Styles- always check the What's New Category- Some of these earrings look straight out of your favorite category but we all notice they look modern for a reason- because they have a great linear style, an antiqued look and a tonality to the beads whether rustic green or fall orange. Perfect for trying out your new look- pick something with a feather or a charm.
4. Sterling Silver- Classic styles but I think they're modern for clip on earring fans because they are difficult to find. I love the new selection of Sterling Silver shell clip on earrings- in Abalone and Paua Shell.
5. Over the top- We're talking from crystal to shell- long styles, extravagant bauables, tons of chain, small rocaille bead designs and eye-popping color. I love the boutique styles too- charms that dangle and look expensive- cool colors and cute motifs.
Whatever you choose, you can find over 800 styles at www.thecliponearringstore.com
Look carefully, think of your wardrobe and imagine your desired look before purchasing. You may want to pick just one style to fit in with a specific outfit! Try it out and wear your new look with flair and undivided confidence.
Clip on earrings have developed over the years and can greatly enhance your look. For me, I would not leave the house without them on. And when I put them on, I feel they express my own style. I prefer modern and boutique looks but you'll find me wearing pearls at least two days out of the week.
As, I said before have fun and make that look your own! Own it!