Monday, August 17, 2009

Something New in Clip On Earrings! Bold, Chunky and Fabulous!

I can't gush enough about this wonderful new style of clip on earrings. Now don't be timid with these, a lot of celebrities make their entire outfit with a bold accessory! Imagine if we had the matching ring to these gorgeous emerald green color clip on earrings.
If you want to strike up a new look and perhaps a little conversation, you can find these at Item CB-160, just use the search box.
Beautiful with green eyes and a black dress. Now if you need another color, do not fear- they offer this style in Purple Velvet, Blue Lagoon and Golden Yellow. Perfect for fall and straight to all your holiday dinner I said if I just could land a matching ring.
Beautifully made of quality faceted glass, these clip on earrings are definitely larger but like I mentioned if you want to make a statement they do the trick.
Check for more exciting finds that are original, designer and unique for those of us with non pierced ears in the Colorful Beads & Glass Category!
Happy days looking gorgeous!